An Overview of Project Thunder

Study Type: Concept Test

The Concept Test (CLT) program, based on Project Thunder, is designed to provide insightful and accurate data to our clients. Below is a comprehensive guide to the preparation and execution of the CLT program, highlighting the key processes and focus points.

Preparation Before Starting the CLT
  1. Translation and Script Overlay:

    • Translate the Word file and overlay the script used in the study to ensure clarity and consistency.
  2. ID Setup and Distribution:

    • Set up the IDs and divide them between two centers for streamlined management.
  3. Script and Link Feedback:

    • Share feedback on the script and the provided link with the clients for final approval.
  4. Recruiter Selection and Briefing:

    • Select recruiters and brief them about the study methodology, target group, SEC, usership, sample sizes, and other essential details about isotonic drinks.
  5. Market Knowledge:

    • Provide recruiters with basic knowledge about the isotonic drinks market to enhance their understanding and approach.
  6. Approach Instructions:

    • Give clear instructions on how to approach respondents for the study.
  7. Mock Test and Finalization:

    • Conduct a mock test and finalize recruiters based on their performance.
Venue Selection

We selected well-ventilated, technologically advanced, and spacious auditoriums in each center. The venues are divided into three main stations:

  • GPS Room
  • Respondent’s Waiting Room
  • In-Hall Interview Room

Additionally, a client’s room with a large monitor was set up for clients to observe the entire process.

  • Criteria-Based Selection:

    • Find respondents based on specific criteria and select smart and educated individuals.
  • Area Maintenance:

    • Ensure the study covers the designated areas accurately.
In-Hall Interview

Session Management:

  • Send 12 respondents for each of the 5 daily sessions.
  • Monitor in-hall activities by executives.
  • Allow clients to examine the overall process.
Focus Points
  • Quality Control in Every Step:

    • Maintain stringent quality control at each phase of the CLT process.
  • Time-Consuming and Quick Delivery:

    • Ensure the process is efficient and delivers results promptly.
Quality Control Check (QC)

To ensure the quality of work, we perform a two-step verification process:

  1. QC in Recruitment Phase:

    • Supervisors and executives accompany 10% of the recruitment and conduct 15% back-checks.
    • Use GPS cameras for added authenticity.

2. Post-Recruitment Scrutiny:

    • The QC team scrutinizes 100% of the interviews and conducts TBC for 50% of them.
General Profile Screening (GPS)

We screen the profiles of respondents through face-to-face interviews, paying close attention to their physical appearance and the information provided during recruitment.

Quality Control Check (QC) Ratio
  • Total Recruitment: 420
  • Total Accompanied: 50 (12%)
  • Total Physical Back-Checks: 70 (16%)
  • Traditional TBC: 600 (68%)
  • Full Check Scrutiny: 100%
  • GPS: 100%
  • Total Check: 100%
Time-Consuming and Quick Delivery

After collecting the first day’s responses, we begin entering open-ended sheets, ensuring data accuracy and relevance. From the second day of the CLT, we continue this process, thus reducing time and ensuring quick delivery.

By following these meticulous steps, the CLT program under Project Thunder aims to deliver high-quality, timely results, meeting the expectations of our clients and providing valuable insights into the market.


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