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 Company Background

ctMRS Group offers a variety of market research, event management, and logistics services. In the current competitive market, gaining insights into emerging trends, opportunities, and potential threats is crucial for sustained success. Our diversified market analyzing tools help clients stay well-equipped for future challenges.
Our team spans virtually every service category, and we boast a comprehensive collection of market research data, ensuring successful execution of tasks. The ctMRS Group prides itself on being the chosen source for marketing, market research, logistics, and event services by numerous national and international companies.

 ctMRS: Why us?

ctMRS believes in quality over quantity which the name stands for:

– C – Communication
Communication is key to successful project management, playing an essential role in reaching customers and conveying messages effectively. While it may not always be considered a project deliverable, good communication is vital for any business. We emphasize providing the best medium for our clients to communicate efficiently and effectively with their target groups and receive their feedback.

– Developing creative designs/advertisements
– Organizing floats/rallies on the road/miking
– Mobile film projection
– Media buying
– PR management

– T – Training
Training is essential for quality work in both research and events. We focus on building a well-trained HR base to ensure quality work and a healthy work environment.

– Conducting and providing training courses and workshops for MR professionals

– M – Marketing
Marketing is crucial for the success of any business, whether agricultural or industrial. Our decades of experience enable our clients to customize their marketing initiatives to meet their needs.

– Sales/brand promotion
– Merchandising/distribution
– Direct mailing
– Database/sampling
– Activation (urban and rural)

– R – Research
Research is the groundwork for any activity that introduces or promotes a business. Our multinational team of professionals allows clients to visualize the actual environment and situation in various geographic and demographic settings.

– Survey research (quantitative and qualitative)
– Methods: face-to-face, CAPI/CATI/CAWI, depth interviews, central location tests (CLT), moderation/focus group discussions (FGD), mystery shopping/audit, recruitment/panel, secondary/desk research, telephonic surveys

– S – Services
Services add value to business offerings, emphasizing quality. We rigorously consider the additional 3 P’s (physical evidence, people, and process) while serving our clients to maintain promised quality.

– Providing skilled and unskilled human resources and logistics
– Organizing events such as launching/signing ceremonies, workshops/seminars, AGMs/marketing conventions/anniversaries, press conferences/briefings, concerts/cultural programs, sporting events, fairs/carnivals/exhibitions, and fashion shows

Company Growth and Expansion

ctMRS Group began its journey with the establishment of ctMRS Limited in 1988. Recognizing the demand in Bangladesh for marketing, logistics, and event services, Amitesh Roy quickly expanded the company, founding ctMRS Logistics, ctMRS Events, MRS, and RMI. These five business areas established ctMRS Group as a leading player in the industry.

In 2023, ctMRS Group celebrated 25 years of service excellence. Over its 17-year journey, the group has served clients from various sectors with top-notch service offerings.

 ctMRS Group: A Comprehensive Service Provider

Based in Bangladesh, ctMRS Group, founded by Amitesh Roy, offers a range of services primarily focused on market research and logistics. Our market research division, ctMRS Research, conducts various studies, including product testing, brand health studies, consumer behavior analysis, and both quantitative and qualitative research. We have collaborated with major international clients like Unilever, Ipsos India, and HSBC, conducting extensive studies such as the cholera vaccine study with doctors and patients, brand awareness campaigns for Grameen Phone, and market assessments for products like Vim bar soap and contraceptives.

ctMRS Logistics supports promotional activities and events, providing items such as promotional items, corporate gifts, event materials, branded merchandise, packaging solutions, and event supplies for companies like Robi (formerly Aktel) and BATB (British American Tobacco Bangladesh). Our services extend to organizing and managing events, ensuring smooth operations and successful outcomes for our clients.

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