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Market Research Service is a concern of ctMRS Group – one of the leading survey research companies of Bangladesh, taking multinational market research assignments from the leading research agencies and clients across the world. MRS is also serving in the field of market and social research in the country having unique and diversified research activities with nationwide coverage through full-time and part-time professionals.


  • Independent market research agency.
  • PAN Bangladesh presence.
  • Multilingual professionals capable of handling projects in various languages.
  • Strong experiences both in Consumer & B2B research.
Our Area of Specialization

— Field work
— Back office support services
— Quantitative and Qualitative research

  • Usage and attitude test.
  • Product and package testing.
  • Ad and promotion testing and effectiveness.
  • Trade confidence study.
  • Retail studies.
  • Mystery shopping.
  • Customer satisfaction studies.
  • Brand perception study.
  • Brand positioning and image research.
  • Direct consumer contact.

— Desk research [Secondary research]

  • Social media research.
  • Newsletters.
Quantitative Research

Questionnaire designing

  • Data processing.
  • Data cleaning.
  • Data analysis.
  • Data conversions – to ASCII / SPSS etc..
  • Quantitative report writing.
Qualitative Research

Discussion guide designing

  • Conducting FGDs, DIs, in-home visits, diary studies, triads, dyads, in-store.
  • Transcription.
  • Content analysis.
  • Report writing.
CATI Service

CATI (Computer Aided/Assisted Telephone Interview)

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) is a telephone surveying technique in which the interviewer follows a script provided by an online link and talks to respondents through computer by using IPTSP number and internet.

Our CATI service setup is enabled with a server with 10 calling stations. We have installed a software called Predictive Dialer on our server. Phone calls are generated from the dialer and all the calls are recorded and stored in the server. We load the numbers in the dialer and when our agents start calling, the dialer starts calling the numbers loaded into the dialer. The dialer tries calling a particular number for a few seconds;  if the numbers are invalid then the dialer instantly tries another number and whenever it gets any response from a number, the dialer automatically transfers the call to our calling agents. Then, from the online questionnaire, our interviewer/calling agents read out the survey questions and ask for answers from the respondents. All the answers are saved through the questionnaire script in the server as compiled data.

As per our research methodology, first of all our agents introduce our company and themselves and describe the purpose of the interview. Then they ask whether the respondents are willing to participate in the interview or not. Participants who are willing to participate are our final respondents. Then our agents start to ask questions from the survey script. We do not call the respondents who refused to participate in the interview/survey previously, and there is no chance of calling us back by any respondent as we have disabled inbound calling in our CATI system.


Customer Satisfaction Study (CSS)


Conducting Huawei Global Customer Satisfaction Study since 2006 in Bangladesh under various leading Marketing Research agencies: TNS Global, Synovate, Ipsos China, GfK China. The objective of Huawei GCSS (F2F and online) was to understand the customer needs and demands of Huawei B2B products among different telecom company of Bangladesh.

The target group of the study was top level executives (CEO, Chairman, MD), mid-level (Directors, Head of Dept. etc.) and Engineers / Managers of the telecom operators.

TATA Motors CSS Study

A quantitative F2F Customer Satisfaction Study was conducted among the owners of TATA vehicles using the database of TATA customers and competitors (Hino, Ashok Leyland etc.) to understand the customer satisfaction level regarding the after-sales service and product compatibility. Since 2006, MRS has been conducting this study in Bangladesh as a local agency of TNS Global (India).

NOKIA Market Tracker

A F2F interview of 600 samples conducted via PAPI method to understand the perception of the Nokia mobile phone users & try to evaluate the brand performance in each wave.

Bangladesh CSI Study

A qualitative study was conducted to determine the satisfaction among the customers of Bajaj on behalf of Frost & Sullivan among 1130 respondents. 1130 F2F / PAPI were conducted in Dhaka, Khulna, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Dinajpur, Bogra to make this study effective.

Tiller User Study

A qualitative study conducted to understand farmer’s purchasing behaviour to choose Japanese brand HDE (Yanmar and Kubota) / Chinese brand HDE and thereby predict the demand for each brand for future on behalf of Q & Q Research Insights, India; among 130 respondents. 130 F2F / PAPI interviews done in Dhaka, Khulna, Rajshahi to make this study successful.


New Market Assessment study: CMI RIN

This was a study conducted by F2F method in CAPI. The target respondents were 19-65 years female. The objective of the study was to know there usage of bar and liquid dishwashing soap and consumer habit around the household cleaning. This study was conducted on 2018 in Dhaka and Khulna districts by Ipsos India on behalf of Unilever company.

RIN PQB Benchmarking Bangladesh

It was a face- to-face CAPI in Home Usage Test with 490 samples to assess which test options are superior to Current. This study was conducted in 2017 in Dhaka and Khulna districts by Ipsos India under the Unilever company. The target respondents were females; housewives in age between 25 – 45 years. This was a random Monadic study, one product was given to each respondent for a period of 14 days.

Wheel Bar Bangladesh- F2F Interview

The interview intended to validate the test options against Current Wheel laundry soap in a paired comparison (rationalization) consumer test among Wheel Laundry soap users using the VIP set guidelines. This study was conducted in 2017 in Dhaka district by Ipsos India under Unilever.

HUT (Home User Test) Study

This was a fragrance HUT test, where each person had to evaluate one product. Product was given to the respondent and they were asked to use it for 3 days. After that, the field interviewer visited their home and took their feedback on the product. 140 samples were used.



A F2F interview of 1,500 and 600 respondents was conducted via CLT method to understand the market of mobile operators both in Consumer and Business segment in all divisions of Bangladesh for Telenor-GP.

CLT (Central Location Test): Fabric Care

It was a F2F-CAPI-CLT with samples. A market survey amongst the women population in Bangladesh to understand their opinions on Fabric care products with the help of F2F-CAPI-CLT method. This study was conducted in 2017 in Dhaka and Khulna districts by Ipsos India under the IFF Singapore. Sampling methodology was purposive and sequential monadic.


Adding a new dimension to the modern market research practice, Millward Brown introduced a new method of advertisement evaluation named Link. The study was held at a central venue where respondents were invited based on a few screening criteria to view a few advertisements and evaluate it as well as providing their thoughts about various aspects of the advertisements. The study was conducted on different global and local brand’s advertisement like Sprite (The Coca-Cola Company), Head and Shoulder, Parachute, Banglalink (Orascom Telecom & VimpleCom Ltd.) and Ispahani Mirzapur Tea bag.

FGD and DI

PHYSICIAN STUDY – Specialist Doctors

An in-depth interview conducted for evaluating the performance of sales force working in different pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh.

Doctor’s Study

A doctor’s study conducted through several Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and Depth Interview (DI) with reputed doctors (pediatrician and general practitioners) on cholera vaccine under the lead agency Net Reactions for Sanofi. The study emphasized on launching a cholera vaccine based on the understanding of status and treatment procedure.

Health Study – ASTHMA

A study conducted with doctors, pharmacists and patients of asthma to understand the actual position and status of asthma as a condition in Bangladesh; also to understand how asthma is treated in Bangladesh along with an estimate of the current ‘reach’ of asthma drugs in each city.

Conducted qualitative & quantitative research with a diversified sample and methods like 1500 [HH] general people, 300 [Booster] asthma sufferers, 60 [audit / observation] Pharmacists, 20 GP and Nurse [semi structured questionnaire] and 05 [Qualitative] In depth with specialized doctors.

The study was conducted for GSK and assigned to MRS by Synovate Health, UK.

DI Dhaka Pran

This was a DI, where each person had to test different biscuits and express their views about the taste, price, packaging etc. 4 DI was conducted including 1 Diad. The study was conducted by Hansa Research India.

Product & Concept Test

Anoushka Bangladesh –Fragrance test of Soap

A quantitative study conducted for product test on behalf of Ipsos for Unilever’s LUX – sandal soap among 1000 (500 per panel) respondents. The objective of the study was to evaluate the winning fragrance from the test options in fieldwork. The fragrance was tested through five types of product placement with tenure of 7 days for observation.

Venus – Product Test

For investing potential customers’ reaction to Close-up, one of the brands of Unilever, RMI carried out a “Concept cued test”. This study was run on behalf of Ipsos India.

Home Visit for Sniff Test

A qualitative study conducted on behalf of Symrise Scent & Care for Unilever to analyse the consumers’ opinion/feedback on their test fragrances of the wheel bar soap versus the benchmark. Respondents belonging to different socio-economic group were covered under this sniff test to cover large target group and understand the preferences among the different set of respondents. All the interviews in sniff test of product and post wash sniff test were arranged in respondents’ place to understand the actual lifestyle, washing habit and laundry environment of respondents.

Vim Bar Bangladesh- F2F Interview

The interview intended to validate the test options against Current Vim bar soap in a paired comparison (Rationalization) consumer test among VIM bar soap users using the VIP set guidelines. This study was conducted on 2017 in Dhaka district by Ipsos India under the Unilever.


Contraceptive Study

A quantitative & qualitative study was conducted for IPSOS UK to assess the acceptability of contraceptive methods, opportunities and potential for NOVEL CONTRACEPTIVE PRODUCTS (On-Demand Contraception Methods and Non On-Demand Contraception Methods) among women in Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal.

The study was conducted in two interconnected phases .The first phase consisted of pilot surveys upon male partners of women, women, hcw’s and pharmacists and the second phase consisted of surveying only women, hcw’s and pharmacists.

The pilot survey with 20 respondents was held at a central venue where respondents were invited based on a few screening criteria such as SEC, age, etc. The main study was conducted over different points of Dhaka, Chittagong, Barisal, Rajshahi with a diversified sample size of 1700 including women, hcw’s, pharmacists.

Other Important Projects

A brief on few studies we conducted

DOCTORS STUDY on Cholera Vaccine

A study conducted with doctors, pharmacist and patient of Asthma to understand the entire position and status of Asthma as a condition in Bangladesh; also to understand how asthma is treated in Bangladesh along with estimate of the current ‘reach’ of asthma drugs in each city.

Brand Track Study

A quantitative study conducted to determine the brand health & perceived brand image of brands like CT100, Platina, Discover & Pulsar and Hero MotoCorp, TVS, Yamaha, Walton & Runner. The study also aimed to capture the impact of promotional activities conducted by various two Wheeler Manufacturers in Bangladesh. Additionally, the study attempted to provide buying behaviour and profile of two-wheeler customers in the country. On behalf of Frost & Sullivan India, 560 F2F/PAPI was done in Dhaka. Khulna, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Dinajpur, Bogra to make this study effective.

Bulletin (two waves)

A quantitative study conducted on behalf of TNS India for BBC to understand the types and density of followers of different news media. Apart from these objectives, this study also concentrated on the density of listeners, observers of their channel, station or website in comparison with that of competitors. This study was conducted in two phases; 1st phase had a sample size of 1500 and the 2nd phase with a sample size of 1750.

HSBC – Trade Confidence Study

A study conduct on 350 companies (Dhaka and Chittagong) involved on International Business to understand their confidence on the upcoming days considering the current scenario of the country. The study was commissioned by TNS India to MRS in 2013 & 2014. The study was commissioned for the 2nd time to MRS after the success and quality of the 1st.

HSBC Trade Confidence Survey B2B Study

It was a face-to-face B2B study of sample size 200. The Business and Trade Confidence Survey runs in 25 markets globally with the aim of better understanding the short term (6 month confidence) of businesses of all sizes. The target respondents were the Business Banking and Large Corporation, those who make decisions or have significant input into the decision making process, where others make the decision for the company. This study was conducted by HSBC on behalf of TNS India.

Tractor Usage & Attitude Study

A face-to-face CAPI study of sample size 300 to understand TAFE’s brand standing in the Bangladesh market. The target respondents were the service providers – Renting Tractors for Carrying/Haulage and Service Providers – Renting Tractors for Agriculture. The study was covered in Rangpur, Jessore, Comilla and Sylhet division. This study was conducted by TAFE Bangladesh on behalf of Ipsos India.

Influencer – Brand awareness Campaign

A study conducted on a SS of 500 respondents (Minimum Graduate belonging to the upper tire of Social Class, i.e. SEC A,B & C) in major divisional cities of Bangladesh to understand the awareness level of Grameen Phone’s mother brand Telenor. It also assessed the comparative awareness of other international Telecom Brands in comparison with Telenor on several aspects of service. After successful completion of the 1st phase the study was re-commissioned to MRS in the very next phase.

Telenor Ad campaign

A study conducted on a SS of 250 respondents (Minimum Graduate belonging to the upper tier of Social Class, i.e. SEC A,B & C) across Dhaka and Chittagong.

The study focused at understanding the effectiveness of the current ad campaigns undertaken by Grameenphone at different advertising media.

The study brought about such important insight that following the study another study of several focus group discussions were carried out to among different TG on the same subject to gain greater knowledge about the market.

Taking advantage of the handicraft production facility of Bangladesh we have connection with various well known vendors and handicraft villages nationwide. This helps us in procuring and providing our clients with the best quality of handicraft items available in the markets of Bangladesh and abroad.

Some International MR Projects

  • C & R Moto : Motorola Telecom Study amongst retailer & consumers.
  • Tracking Study for Microsoft – 2006/ 2007 & 2008.
  • FGD & Ethnographic Observation (mobile users & intenders) – 2007.
  • HSBC Business Confidence Survey (SME – 2007 & 2008).
  • CSS study of Huawei – 2007 , 2008 ,2009 ,2010 ,2011.
  • Mystery Shopping for Sony Ericsson – 2008.
  • TATA Motors CSS – 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009.
  • Nokia Tracking Study – 2007,2008,2009 & 2010.
  • Brand & advertising Research on telecommunication Companies as well as mobile holding companies (Axiata)-2010.
  • Needscope Study on behalf of TELENOR-2010.
  • DHL Packet Pricing Study(CAWI)-2010.
  • Metlife / Alico Rebranding-2010.
  • Samsung SCSI Study.
  • Physician Study [ on specialist Doctors ] for Beximco.
  • Health Study _ Asthma for GSK.
  • Passenger Spending on diff route for Nitol Motors.
  • Roaming Study for Axiata.
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