Founder of ctMRS Group


Founder & Group Chairman
B. A. (Hons.), M.A. in Mass Communication and Journalism University of Dhaka

Founder & Group Chairman

Led by the passion and strong willingness to redefine the conventional implementation process and techniques of marketing and market research, Amitesh Roy founded ctMRS Group in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1998, offering various services related to market research activities.
After completing his Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism from University of Dhaka in 1985, Amitesh Roy landed in the market research and event management career path. Amitesh Roy is a market research professional with a combined 30+ years of local and regional experience in marketing and market research activities for various regional and global clients in Bangladesh. He is one of the pioneering individuals in the industry of Research and Marketing & Event Management of Bangladesh, ever since late 80’s.

  • He is the sole founder of ctMRS Group and the other five concerns of it. These are sequentially – ctMRS Limited, ctMRS EVENTS Limited, MRS (Market Research Service) ctMRS Logistics, and RMI.
  • Before establishing ctMRS in 1998, Amitesh Roy was with MRC-MODE Ltd – a leading research company of Bangladesh, and MBL Group Plc – a worldwide famous research company for 10 years.
  • He performed the role of country representative for MBL Research & Consultancy Group (P) Ltd. India, a subsidiary of MBL Group of companies (now TNS Global / KANTAR Group) – a worldwide strategic planning and research consulting house, headquartered in London, UK.
  • He has massive experience in Moderation of Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and conducted more than 300 FGDs among men/women of different SEC consumers.
  • Furthemore, he also has massive events experiences such as – JPGL brand activities including JPGL Caravan, Ampfest ( B&H open-air exceptional art & musical event – biggest ever in the country) , PARIS COMES TO DHAKA – Fashion Show 2007 with International Garments and Models (only one to ever happen in Bangladesh) , Robi Re branding, BATB Family days (2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014) and many more in the project portfolio.
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